Welcome to SMC New Routes

This website explains how to submit new route descriptions to the Scottish Mountaineering Club. It also includes links to new route material published by the SMC including New Route Descriptions and Comments.

How to Submit a New Route Description
Click here and select the New Route tab.

This will input the route description directly into the holding area of our database. The route will then be checked and verified, and you will receive a personal email confirming receipt of the description and whether it covers new ground.

If you have multiple descriptions (in a Word document for example) select the Bulk Load tab.

If your new route is on a previously unclimbed cliff, please first enter the crag details using the New Crag tab.

How to Submit a Topo
Click here and select the Image tab.

Please keep the image file size below 10MB.

Topos do not have to be a finished product or work of art. A smartphone photo of a sketch drawn on the back of a bus ticket is perfectly adequate if it clearly shows where the route goes! Many climbers take a photo of the guidebook diagram and mark that. A simple way of doing this is to print the photo, mark the line with a pen, and photograph again.

You can also create your own topo by selecting the Create Topo tab.

Please ensure the route names and grades on the topo match your written route descriptions! Please note who drew the topo and who took the photo (if different). We may want to contact the photographer for the original image for future use in one of our publications.

How to Submit a Comment
Comments on grade, length, stars, route description etc are extremely welcome. User feedback improves the quality of our publications and will benefit future climbers.

If you have a comment click here and select the Comment tab.

Recent comments can be found on the Comments page.

How to Submit an Image
We are always pleased to receive good action photos or crag shots for possible inclusion in the SMC Journal or our guidebooks. A small fee is paid for images published in our guidebooks often accompanied by a copy of the guidebook itself.

If you have a suitable image click here and select the Image tab.

Please keep the image size below 10MB.

Submitting a New Route Description via Email
We prefer that new route descriptions are submitted via the web entry process described above, but if this is not possible then please send an email to to the New Routes Editor at newroutes@smc.org.uk Please ensure the description includes information in the following order – area, crag, route name, length, grade, suggested stars, first acensionist(s), date, route description.

Please include first names of first ascensionists.

If submitting Word documents with multiple route descriptions, please take note of the following (which allows us to bulk load them into the database)

1. More than one space after route name in header.
2. Full stop before first ascent details.
3. Double line break between routes.
4. Include first ascent details for every route.

Suggestions on how we can improve the system are very welcome.

If you have any feedback click here and press the Give Feedback button.